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Princess of Rohan

Princess Hanild of Rohan
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Princess Hanild of Rohan, daughter of Helm Hammerhand, 9th (and current) King of the Mark, and heir to the throne. Mother of Gram Hanildeson, future King of Rohan.

Lord Freca propositioned my father for my hand in marriage for his son, Wulf, but was refused. Daddy then killed Freca, which made Wulf a wee bit testy. War ensued and we lost, for a while.

My cousin Fréaláf eventually claimed victory, and became 10th King of the Mark, because my brother Haleth had been killed by Wulf defending the doors of Meduseld, and my other brother, Hama (not him), froze to death while foraging for food during the Long Winter.

Returned from Mandos and helped Daddy regain the throne of Rohan by becoming a dragon's maiden. Things happened, which made me not be able to be his maiden anymore, and also resulted in me now having a mortal enemy and a son. I fell in love with Theo, but married Gelmir. That didn't last, and neither did Theo and I. Just moved to Aldburg to oversee things there, but spend time in Minas Tirith, visiting my wonderful friends.